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You are making meaningful memories. I love to watch the full moon rise and try to do it each warmer month. The night sky is beautiful for observing anytime. But to organize and plan it would make it more meaningful. I love your ideas.

Jennifer V.

I love Arrowwood NWR! I have fond memories of the pelican and very vivid memories of the ticks by the lake. I miss being so close to nature now that we are living deep in the city.
What church are you now attending? I've always attended liturgical churches and love them. We started going to a new church 2 years ago and we are just starting to find our niche there. I love our church but it's hard to be new.


We attend Grace Episcopal Church. It has been a wonderful experience for our family, but I agree that it is hard to be new. It takes a long time to feel at home in a new church. I miss you every time I go by your little blue house. Peace and Blessings be upon you, Jennifer.


Beautiful post! You are such a deeply thoughtful person, so able to enjoy metaphor.

Do any of your children struggle with hyperactivity? I would so love to do these kinds of meaningful activities with our children, but two of our three are continually overflowing with energy and movement due to sensory integration issues.

I think the build-up toward the special moments must make them especially powerful, but then I imagine my own kids and how they deal with "build-up," which for the older two nearly always means that the moments didn't live up to the amount of energy the children are now prepared to pour into the moments.


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